Stamp is one tool that can help our needs in ratification. Usually stamp is used on certificate approval, note, letter, and many other validations. provides various types of stamps to meet the needs of companies, organizations, communities, or stores you have.

We provide 4 types of shapes (square, rectangle, oval, and circle) with dozens of size combinations. provides 5 types of colors namely red, blue, violet, green, and black. Color combinations can not color in color.

Please select and create the desired stamp according to your needs.

* Currently courier already able to deliver goods to the area of ​​Bogor, Cibinong, Sukabumi, North Cikarang, and Cibubur.

UkuranJumlah DariKuantitas KeHarga
17 mm1100Rp 55.000,00
23 mm1100Rp 60.000,00
25 mm1100Rp 65.000,00
28 mm1100Rp 70.000,00
35 mm1100Rp 80.000,00
40 mm1100Rp 90.000,00
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Kalkulator Harga

Dalam stample yang dibuat, anda dapat memadukan 3 warna sekaligus untuk membuat stempel anda lebih menarik. menyediakan 5 jenis warna yakni merahbiruviolethijau, dan hitam. Kombinasi warna tidak bisa warna di dalam warna.

Total :Rp 55.000,00
Taksiran Total :Rp 55.000,00